“It always seems impossible, until it's done.
- Nelson Mandela

About Me

“It always seems impossible, until it's done."
– Nelson Mandela

What a fantastic quote. If you see even a grain of truth in that, then you are in the right place. Welcome to my site – a hub for the projects I’m involved with and, most importantly, a way to connect with you.

I am on one hand a banker, with over 15 years in the industry and over $140 million in mortgages sold.

On that other hand, I am a basketball-loving son, a brother, an uncle, a friend an investor and a dreamer. I like to see what’s possible in any business venture, spending my time analyzing the forest rather than the trees that make it up.

Shoot over to my LinkedIn profile for more of my financial experience, but here I want to apply the lessons I’ve learned to one thing: dreaming big!

Since this is an “about me” page, here’s a little more: I’m a travel buff. From Haiti to Austria to Romania to China, I want to soak up our world and the amazing cultures that breath life into it. At home in Toronto, you can find me in the gym, at brunch, at the movies, or trying to one-up the last trash talker in my fantasy NBA league.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a passion or idea to share, or a tip on a great travel destination. And particularly so if you think I might be able to help your venture in any capacity. I’m open 24-7 to any and all ideas.


A Family's Crest


The past is a sea of stories that define generations to come. These stories become knowledge, inspiration, and are reflected in the open book that sits atop our family crest.

This crest is meant to reflect a set of values that trace through history and enrich the future. This is a family built on hard work and persistence, symbolized by a pair of axes on the red shield. Through physical effort, we may all achieve what we set out to accomplish.

Consider one grandfather, who is a link between past and future generations. Up at sunrise, he farmed his Haitian fields and planted saplings to help build back the country’s decimated canopy. Without agricultural training, going only on instincts and ability, he also planted fruit trees and brought their harvest to market. Our family’s connection to nature, to the land, is marked by the stem of leaves on the blue shield.

And consider one story that underpins this crest. When hurricanes rage through this grandfather’s home and ravage his fields, he pauses briefly, then begins again. Because a hurricane is an opportunity: to work with freshly aerated soil, he says. The best time to plant.


This crest is bold but humble, like our family. It is both golden and dark, like the rewards and challenges that come with life.

You don’t have to overreach to be extraordinary. We are all extraordinary and capable of great things. The recipe is a mix of education (that open book) and discipline, a dash of spirituality, stirred with maximum effort.

The future is an opportunity. In what directions will we continue that trail which opened in front of us? Embrace a family’s story, take the baton of history, and move forward. Feel the purpose in our strides.

To each person, the future is a responsibility, a path that gradually comes into focus once you discover passion and strength of character. But that future is first built by people who believed in you before you believed in yourself.

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"Initiative is important. Finishiative is vital."

Getting to know you and your dreams will allow me to start making a chance in your life. I hope I can help you make a step in the right direction and I look forward to hearing from you!

Marc-André Rocher